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About Us

We are waterlilies farmer in Thailand. Our are wholesaler including service exports. Our nesury is Supranburi Province about 120 Kilo meters. Our farm At here, you can find the new experience at our nesury on your holiday.

We have been collecting and cultivating interesting, unusual and rare water and aquatic plants for over 60 years.

We specialist in waterlilies with over 125 different cultivars to suit the needs of large lakes, down to the size of a small patio water feature.

Adding to the above, we also offer our unique collection of Ferns, Alpines, Lotus plants and moist perennial plants to enhance all aspects of water gardening and pond vegetation. We even grow a range of indoor plants perfect for growing in heated greenhouses. If you have the desire to create a water garden in a heated conservatory, take a look at our stunning range of Sacred Lotus plants and Tropical Water lilies, in short we offer you over 300 different kinds of water plants, we are proud to have the largest collection in Thailand. Moreover, We sell garden furnitures and landscaping equipment wholesale too. We would like to offer that we can export all of things which you want them in the good rate for you.